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Watch As Christine O'Donnell Frustrates Stars Of The 90s (VIDEO)


[TPM SLIDESHOW: Christine O'Donnell: Anti-Masturbation Crusader. Witchcraft Dabbler. Republican Senate Nominee]

Some highlights from the clip:

  • "She says that every time on this show, that condoms wouldn't protect you," says Maher. "Well no one else is saying it," says O'Donnell. "That's because no one else is nuts like you," says Maher.
  • "I'm going nuts with you people," says future-Senator Franken.
  • "When men go into these strip joints, and testoterone is pouring out the eyeballs, what do you think they're gonna do?" asks O'Donnell.
  • "You have to tell me about the ex-homosexuals," author Clive Barker asked O'Donnell.
  • "If she says Jews for Jesus, I'm gonna hit her," says Jillet.
  • "I'm begging you stop for one second," says Affleck. "Ten more seconds to make my point," O'Donnell says. "I'm begging you, I just want to ask you one question," Affleck says. "Yeah, get on your knees," says O'Donnell. "She says she didn't like sex, but..." says Affleck.
  • "Are you for anything fun?" asks Bonaduce. "Yes, I am for having fun!" says O'Donnell.
  • "You would look amazing in a black bathing suit," comedian Steven Wright tells O'Donnell.

Video embedded below.

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