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Walker Admin.'s Claim Of Multi-Million Dollar Capitol Damage Calculated On...Single Sheet Of Notebook Paper


It reads as follows:

Stephans, Dan

Condition assessment, recommendations, and cost estimate for work.


Restoration Work

6,000,000.00 INTERIOR*

$1,000,000.00 EXTERIOR

* Does NOT include any carpet replacement.

Soon after Judge Albert's ruling, state facilities administrator Jeff Plale -- a former moderate Democratic state senator who was defeated in his 2010 primary, and was then appointed to the Walker administration -- backed away from the number, calling it a "worse-case scenario."

In addition, the International Union of Painters and Allied Tradesmen released a statement at the time, saying that the estimates were "not accurate" and "yet another gross overreach" -- while offering IUPAT's union labor on a volunteer basis to fix any damage that may have occurred from protesters' signs being taped to the marble walls.