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Van Hollen: One-Year Tax Cut For The Rich Might Fly With Democrats


Van Hollen's suggestion partially mirrors a plan outlined by former White House budget director Peter Orszag, who argued that Democrats and Republicans should back a fixed two year extension of all the tax cuts and then end them altogether.

Republicans cited Orszag's proposal widely -- but only the part where he backed extending all of the tax cuts. Broadly, the GOP has been opposed to any comprehensive solution that doesn't involve either a permanent extension of all the Bush tax cuts or a temporary one that would require relitigating the tax cut fight in 2012 -- another election year.

Van Hollen's spokesman Doug Thornell echoed that point. "Republicans have no intention of doing this, so it is a moot point," he said. "The bottom line is, other than Boehner, there doesn't seem to be any Washington Republican open to working with us to provide 98% of Americans with a tax cut. That's unbelievable."

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