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True The Vote Plaintiff: 'Conspiracy' Caused Cochran Win


"I feel like the Republicans had their right to choose their own nominee stolen from them. The sanctity of the election was violated," Nicholson said in an interview with TPM.

"It became, as Chris McDaniel called it, 'a sham,'" Nicholson continued. "Because that is what it became. When it was no longer Republicans voting for their own nominee then it is no longer a Republican primary. And I totally agree as well that the election was stolen."

Since the runoff on June 24, McDaniel's campaign has been poring over poll books in a search for foul play.

"The fact that they went out actively soliciting, switching the campaign points to a Democratic platform, appealing to non-Republican voters on the basis of their welfare payments and all these other kinds of things, basically switching their campaign to a Democrat run campaign, soliciting all those non Republican voters to vote on the basis of Democratic values," Nicholson said. "Then you add to that the race-baiting that went on, we now have plenty of examples of radio ads and print pieces that were deliberately race baiting, to stir up the Democratic community to come out and vote against McDaniel as if it was some just crusade when they know in fact that McDaniel is not a racist, in any form or fashion."

Nicholson has actually made headlines himself in recent years. He has called for an insurrection against Obamacare and asked God to save the country from the "criminal invaders" in response to the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the constitutionality of Obamacare.

The way Nicholson sees it, the True the Vote lawsuit really isn't the only step that needs to happen to rectify the election results. Instead, it's a way to help McDaniel's efforts to try prove that he's the real Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Mississippi, rather than Cochran.

"It seems to me that as a Republican the True the Vote lawsuit is part of the process of opening the door so the McDaniel campaign can gather the necessary information to determine if there is grounds for a legal challenge or not," Nicholson said.