TPMDC Morning Roundup


WaPo: Obama May Have To Seek GOP Support On Afghanistan
The Washington Post says that the emerging Democratic opposition to a heavily increased troop presence in Afghanistan could put President Obama in an awkward situation: “The emerging Democratic position could compel Obama, whose domestic agenda is facing stiff Republican criticism in Congress, to rely on those same opposition lawmakers for support if he decides to send more combat troops to Afghanistan.”

Obama’s Day Ahead
President Obama will deliver remarks at a 1:50 p.m. ET fundraiser for the Democratic Governors Association. He will meet at 3:30 p.m. ET with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and at 4 p.m. ET with Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner. He will depart form the White House at 6:35 p.m. ET, headed to Copenhagen, Denmark, to lobby for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Chicago.Biden’s Day Ahead
Vice President Biden will hold a Recovery Act Implementation Cabinet Meeting at 11:15 a.m. ET. Later, he will attend President Obama’s meetings with Hillary Clinton and Timothy Geithner. In the evening, Biden and his wife Jill will host a reception at the Naval Observatory, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Climate Change Bill Hinges On Sherrod Brown
The Hill reports that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has been working with other Democratic Senators in order to gain concessions for the Rust Belt region on the climate change bill. “They understand a couple big things about this,” said Brown. “They don’t get the votes from Midwestern industrial-state senators unless manufacturing is a major component of this.”

Palin’s Book Already Selling Big
Former Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) upcoming book, Going Rogue, is not yet ready for release, but it is already shooting to the top of online sales lists, based simply on pre-orders. It is now number three on Amazon, and number one at Barnes and Noble.

Romney Reaches Out To McCain
The Boston Globe reports that former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) has successfully reached out to his former rival Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), as evidenced by McCain being an honorary host (though not actually attending, due to Senate business) at a Romney fundraiser yesterday in Phoenix: “Acrimony has been replaced by a professional friendship, the latest success in Romney’s methodical campaign to win over past skeptics as he prepares for another presidential run in 2012.”

Pence’s Travels Causing Presidential Speculation
Roll Call reports that Rep. Mike Pence’s (R-IN) upcoming trip to South Carolina has caused some speculation about a possible presidential campaign in his future. “It’s definitely a possibility,” said Rep. Gresham Barrett (R-SC). “Mike is a compelling voice for conservatism. He conveys our Party’s principles with an uncommon clarity that resonates with every audience.”

Rove: Obama Doesn’t Talk To His Generals, Like Bush Did
In his latest Wall Street Journal column, Karl Rove criticizes President Obama for a lack of leadership on Afghanistan, saying that he’s not doing as good a job of war leadership as George W. Bush: “Mr. Obama’s predecessor faced a similar situation: a war that was grinding on, pressure to withdraw troops, and conflicting advice–including from some who saw the war as unwinnable. But George W. Bush talked to generals on the ground every week or two, which gave him a window into what was happening and insights into how his commanders thought.”