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TPMDC Morning Roundup

Biden's Day Ahead
Vice President Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden will travel in the morning to Chicago, Illinois. At 11:30 a.m. ET, they will attend the inauguration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former White House Chief of STaff. Afterwards, the Bidens will return to Washington, D.C.

Gates: 'Premature' To Eye Faster Afghan Pullout
AFP reports: "US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has said accelerating troop withdrawals from Afghanistan because of Osama bin Laden's death would be 'premature.' The US covert raid that killed Al-Qaeda's chief has fueled calls to scale back the massive US presence in Afghanistan, just as President Barack Obama reviews plans to begin pulling out some of the 100,000 troops there in July. Gates, in an interview broadcast on the CBS news show '60 Minutes,' said it's too early to consider speeding the pace of withdrawal."

Gingrich Loyalists on K Street Begin Lining Up
Roll Call reports: "Newt Gingrich may face some obstacles in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination -- such as defending his imperfect marital history -- but it appears he will have no trouble rounding up support on K Street. The former Speaker, who has been out of elective office for a decade, has a huge network of former staffers and House colleagues who have already pledged their support as he launches his bid for the White House."

Senator Kerry Has Tough Questions For Angry Pakistan
Reuters reports: "U.S. Senator John Kerry will push Pakistani leaders on Monday to explain how Osama bin Laden was able to hide in their country for years, without further inflaming Pakistani anger over the U.S. raid that killed the al Qaeda chief...Kerry arrived in Pakistan on Sunday from Afghanistan where he told reporters the United States wanted Pakistan to be a real ally in the fight against militancy."