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Today's Georgia Gov Primary Pits Palin-Backed Mama Grizzly Against Birther-Curious Ex-Rep


Her competition consists of former Rep. Nathan Deal, the Birther-curious Republican who resigned from the House in order to focus on his gubernatorial campaign, state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, and former state Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson.

Earlier in the race, polls from Rasmussen, Public Policy Polling (D) and InsiderAdvantage showed Oxendine in the lead with support in the high 20s.

But for now, the final momentum seems to be with Handel. In fact, check out this very Palinesque ad. "Three with very iffy ethics," the announcer says, referring to Handel's opponents. "One wears lipstick."

There's also a Dem primary, which is expected to be won easily by former Gov. Roy Barnes, who lost re-election to Perdue in 2002 in a huge upset after he changed the state flag to shrink the size of Confederate imagery. Barnes had a fun ad earlier this summer suggesting that America "was laughing" at Georgia over proposed state legislation dealing with microchips in people's brains, and on secession from the United States.

The polls close tonight at 7 p.m. ET.