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Time For Republicans To 'Put Up Or Shut Up,' Axelrod Says

Newscom / Pete Souza

On a similar note he criticized 7 Republican senators including John McCain for voting against a debt commission measure they had co-sponsored.

"You can't pretend to be deficit hawks and then be chicken when the votes come up," Axelrod said.

He also highlighted that last February just three Republicans voted for the stimulus plan, which had 25 different tax cuts.

"We're going to put the onus on them, we're not going to let them sit it out," he said.

Axelrod scoffed at Virginia Gov Bob McDonnell's State of the Union rebuttal, saying that some of the health care ideas the Republican touted last night are in the bills being considered on Capitol Hill.

He also said the three recent Republican winners in statewide elections - McDonnell, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen.-elect Scott Brown - aimed to be "consensus candidates" on the campaign trail.

Those Republicans "ran away from the base of their own party" and have more unifying campaign rhetoric than the Republican leadership in Washington, he said.

He said McDonnell seemed to "play the piano in the front of the saloon," adding, "He plays sweet music but in the back room they are putting on brass knuckles."

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