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The Missed Connections Of The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Week

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Outside Supreme Court 3/26 - w4m (Since Deleted)

Standing in front of the Supreme Court this afternoon. I was wearing a grey and red patagonia sweatshirt, you were a Capitol Police Office [sic] with a green/hazel eyes standing just off the curb making sure no one crossed into traffic ... I lingered for a while and made eye contact but lost the courage to say hi. Would love to get a drink or some coffee sometime!

DOMA Conversation on Metro - m4m - 27 (Metro)

We chatted briefly on the metro about the Supreme Court cases this morning about 10 am. You were headed to check out that area and I was headed to Navy Yard. Would like to continue the conversation. I gave you my name but didn't catch yours. Hit me up.

Eric and husband at Black Party - m4m - 32 (Midtown West)

Eric and your husband (sorry I don't remember your name too!), you were wearing matching red and blue "wedding harnesses." we talked forever (a lot about Prop 8 and DOMA) and you guys seemed very cool. Let's keep in touch!

DOMA Supreme Court - cute tie - m4m - 27 (Supreme Court)

You were at DOMA today-- i think you were press, and got the sense you were straight, but you had a cool tie (it had pandas on it). Thought you were cute and figured if you see this post, you maybe play for our team. If not, at least I can say I tried ;). Tell me what color your bag was so i know it's you.

Prop 8 and DOMA - m4m - 23 (SCOTUS)

We met the other day (Sunday I think) and we talked at my job for a while, but then I had to take a phone call. We found each other at SCOTUS yesterday and today. We talked for a little bit. You're a really friendly guy. If you think this is you, tell me what the front of your shirt said today so I know it's you. I would love to hang out :)