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The GOP's New Transparency Rules Might Not Be That Transparent


"If there are loopholes used by the GOP to circumvent transparency, you can be sure that Tea Party Patriots across the nation will make it known to Republicans that such behavior is unacceptable," says Mark Meckler, co-founder of the influential Tea Party Patriots, in an email to me. "This is not about the philosophy of the majority party, this is about the role of citizens. We will watchdog the system, and we will find a way to close any loopholes. In addition, any elected officials attempting to use loopholes to circumvent the expected transparency will quickly find themselves exposed to wrath of a public fed up with the games of politicians."

The power of the House majority is enormous, and its lure is strong. Frankly nobody expected the GOP (and nobody would expect either party) to write their powers out of existence, and partisan voters tend to forget about the flipside of these powers when their party is using them. The question is whether groups like the Tea Party Patriots will actually hold Republicans' feet to the fire or not. The proposed rules have not been finalized, and will not be adopted until the 112th Congress begins in early January.

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