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The Democrats' Case For Drafting Stormy Daniels

Without a prospective Democratic challenger, and Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) fueling strength in the state GOP, Vitter needs to draw a primary opponent from the right to make life harder for him next year. With Daniels drawing media attention and making a strong case for questioning Vitter's morality, frustration is more likely to mount among Louisiana conservatives.

In addition, a Daniels candidacy has a good chance of pulling Vitter back into the national spotlight, making him a late-night punch line once again and distracting Republicans in Washington.

If you need another reason for backing Daniels, consider that she chose her stage name as a Mötley Crüe homage and joined Seth Rogen to record a parody of My Dinner With Andre.

Late Update: Here's video of Daniels' interview with CNN today. I defy you not to be charmed.