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The Bachmann Comic: Our Review

From there, much of the focus is on the religious right and talk-radio culture. A specific grievance is that the hard religious right doesn't honestly call itself what it is -- a theocratic movement -- but conceals its intentions under the label of "social conservative," with the media's complicity:

As for Bachmann's own rise, we get to see how she's mobilized the hard-right activists in her area to take control of the local Republican Party. And here's this creepy, eyewitness story of when Bachmann warned an intra-GOP rival with the repeated refrain, "You will pay, you will pay...":

And now that she's risen up, Bachmann is a hero to the right-wing fringe not just in her own distict, but across her state -- with a following that's spread across the country:

Which brings us to the next-issue teaser -- hinting that we'll get more into all the details of Bachmann's own career, such as when she talked to God about running for office (and God talked back!), how she kissed then-President George W. Bush and wouldn't let go of him, and other fun events:

All in all, it's a fun first effort, from some folks who have been monitoring her career and mobilizing against her online since way back when she was just a puny state Senator. Let's see what the next issue holds.