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The 3 Mostly Likely Obamacare Cuts In A Debt Deal


The Prevention And Public Health Fund

The prevention fund was designed to help local communities combat disease and promote wellness. Republicans deride it as a "slush fund."

Initially set at $15 billion, GOP leaders convinced the president and Democratic leaders to chop it by $6.25 billion in the payroll tax cut deal early this year. Having sensed that Democrats are willing to reduce its size, they'll hope to continue chipping away at it.

Overpaid Premium Subsidies

The ACA provides subsidies to help Americans within 400 percent of the poverty line buy insurance on the exchanges. Republicans see that as a major source of potential savings.

Democrats have previously agreed to alter the formula to save money, and Republicans see further opportunities. One policy idea they have to extract more savings is to force those who incorrectly received subsidies to pay them back. Another is to recapture subsidies from those whose incomes rise above the 400 percent of the poverty line shortly after they get the payment.

Center For Medicare And Medicaid Innovation

The ACA allotted $10 billion to create an agency called the Center For Medicare And Medicaid Innovation, which would be tasked with testing payment reforms and new delivery system models to improve efficiency. Republicans see the money as a waste.

Top Republicans have floated the idea before in previous debt reduction talks and, with the fiscal cliff negotiations coming up, will hope to reduce the funding for CMMI.