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Tennessee GOP State Rep.: Some People Pay For Health Care With Vegetables


Towns: You're saying they pay cash? For organ transplants and cancer and heart cases, they pay cash?

Bell: I said they pay cash or work out other arrangements. I know for a fact. I know someone in the medical field who has been paid with vegetables from the Mennonite community.

Towns: That's an anomaly. That's not how the system works. I can't take a sack of vegetables down to the utility company and pay my utility bill on my house. Nobody's going to take vegetables for payment. We can't run the country on vegetables and horse trading.

The GOP has been struggling to find a coherent strategy for how to address the new health care law. The official slogan is "Repeal and Replace," but there is in fact division over whether to fully repeal the law, and just how far to go. And it appears that some people may want to go all the way back to the 18th and 19th centuries.