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Tea Party Email Warns Members: Beware Liberal Trolls Like Rachel Maddow


Please be advised that over the coming weeks, as the National Tea Party Convention draws near, we will in all likelihood be invaded by liberal trolls looking to disrupt the site.

Rachel Maddow joined this morning and we banned her 7 minutes after she joined. I have little doubt she will mention this on her show.

Per our FAQ's:

Note to Prospective Liberal Trolls: TPN does not tolerate liberal trolls. If your sole purpose is to join this site in order
to disrupt the flow of constructive dialogue against liberalism,
you will find your time here very short. You can and will be banned
for being a liberal. If you wish to debate the virtues of
liberalism (as though there were such a thing), there are many
other sites on the web who will tolerate you. TPN is not one of
those sites.

Tea Party Nation reserves the right to ban anyone for any reason we feel necessary to ensure the well being of the site and
our members.

When they show up - ignore them, report them and we will ban them.

Thank you all for your patriotism and support!

Tea Party Nation