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Tea Partiers To Hold 'Conservative Woodstock' Event In Harry Reid's Hometown


There will also be musical entertainment, from acts that have toured the Tea Party circuit, such as Lloyd Marcus. In addition to Palin, other speakers include Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, former Saturday Night Live actress Victoria Jackson, Andrew Breitbart and others.

Russell told TPMDC that organizers are expecting "an easy 10,000" attendees, though he was unable to comment on just how many may have arrived already. Keep in mind that Searchlight is a small, remote town with a population of only 738, according to the Clark County statistics. The local NBC station reports that the hotels in the surrounding area have already been filling up with reservations, much of it linked to this event.

How much of a draw has Palin's involvement been, we asked Russell? "I think she is a huge draw to our supporters, but I think she's actually also a major media draw," said Russell. "Actually, the vast majority of media requests or interview requests are for Sarah Palin. And so she's definitely one of the most exciting -- if not the most exciting figure -- in politics right now."

Late Update: Reid's campaign sends us this statement, from Reid himself: "Searchlight doesn't get many tourists so I'm glad they are choosing to bring all their out-of-state money to my hometown. The influx of money will do the town some good. I encourage everyone to drop by the Nugget to say hello to Verlie and grab a 10 cent cup of coffee."