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Suspected Giffords Shooter Leaves Internet Trail (VIDEO)


In the videos, Loughner rambles about the government and mind control as well as grammar.

"You're a treasurer for a new currency, listener? You create and distribute your new currency, listener?" he writes. "You don't allow the government to control your grammar structure, listener?"

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Loughner also attacks the Constitution, as well as -- it seems -- a currency not backed by the gold standard.

"In conclusion, reading the second United States Constitution, I can't trust the current government because of the ratifications. The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar," he writes.

"No! I won't pay debt with a currency that's not backed by gold and silver!" Loughner writes. "No! I won't trust in God!"

One video called "Introduction: Jared Loughner":

Another, entitled "How To: Mind Controller"

A third clip, called "Hello":

On his YouTube page, Loughner listed a number of interests and favorite books, including Mein Kampf, Siddartha and The Phantom Toll Booth.

Here's Loughner's YouTube profile:

The Arizona Daily Star has a detailed rundown of the suspected shooter's local reputation, painting him as a troubled soul known for disturbing behavior. From the paper:

"He disrupted class frequently with nonsensical outbursts," said Lynda Sorenson, who took a math class with Loughner last summer at Pima Community College's Northwest campus.

The Tuscon Weekly has dug up more Loughner internet trails, including comments he left on other MySpace pages and images from his own MySpace page, which has since been taken down.

Here are the photos purportedly from Loughner's MySpace page pulled by the weekly. One depicts what appears to be a pistol laid across the cover of a U.S. history textbook.

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Additional reporting by Jillian Rayfield