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Surprise! Bayh's Choice Leaves State Party Officials Choosing Replacement Candidate

Newscom / Pete Souza

"I would imagine that it would be the plan, depending on what happens between now and Friday," Gerard said. Gerard did not know whether any discussions are going on with potential new candidates.

This means the Indiana Democrats would avoid holding a primary to choose who will be their nominee in the fall.

The Democratic source speculated Bayh's choice seems like a personal decision that must have come at the last minute given all the legwork that had been done.

Bayh talked to President Obama this morning about his decision not to seek reelection, a source close to Obama told TPMDC.

The source says Obama and Bayh have had "several conversations" about 2010 and the senator made his personal decision this weekend.

"It is personal not at all political - he is by nature a Governor not a Senator," the source said.

The source added that Bayh had been interested in something else at the end of this term since 2006 and noted Bayh's strong financial standing with $13 million in the bank and 20-point lead in the polls.

Additional reporting by Eric Kleefeld.

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