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Stupak Receives Threatening Fax With Drawing Of Noose


The Collins Report post also calls for sending 30 dimes to Stupak's office, representative of the 30 silver coins that, in the Bible, Judas was paid to betray Jesus.

Now it's our turn to "slip a little something" to this sticky fingered Judas.

Since he'll now be in a tough re-election fight he'll need donations. I will be sending him my contribution of thirty dimes which will serve as the 30 pieces of silver his model settled for ...

Although there is no evidence the incidents are connected, similar calls for readers to send Stupak bags of fake silver coins have gone out elsewhere on the internet.

A spokeswoman for Stupak confirmed that they received the fax and have also had "many, many callers about the 30 pieces of silver and calling the congressman Judas." She also said the congressman is "not fazed" by the threats.

In addition to the blog post and the noose, the fax also has the line, "All baby killers come to unseemly ends Either by the hand of man or the Hand of God," the word "Achtung" and the symbol of the Nazi secret police.

Late update: TPMDC's Evan McMorris-Santoro talks to Collins, whose blog much of the fax is copied from. Collins says he didn't send the fax.