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Steele, Gillespie Standing By O'Donnell's Claims About Classified Info On China Plot (VIDEO)


In addition, Gillespie appeared today with MSNBC's Chris Jansing, and was also asked about O'Donnell's claim to have had classified information.

"Well Chris, you're asking me a question I can't answer. I don't know what information Christine O'Donnell has or doesn't have," said Gillespie. "I think if she says she has information that indicates that China has a plan to increase its influence over the U.S. economy, I'm not sure how many people could argue with that. Whether it's classified or not, I don't know."

It's amazing how having a candidate who is a wacky conspiracy theorist can lead to the GOP standing by her conspiracy theories. Next thing you know, Republican members of Congress will be sponsoring birther bills and potential presidential candidates will be calling President Obama a Kenyan anti-colonialist Marxist. Oh wait...

The TPM Poll Average gives Democratic nominee Chris Coons a lead of 57.7%-37.5% against O'Donnell.

(Via Media Matters and Greg Sargent.)