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South Carolina GOP Operative Apologizes For Racist Tweet Against Obama

Indigo Journal says that Green works for Congressman Gresham Barrett's campaign for governor. However, Barrett communications consultant Jim Dyke told TPM that while Green's firm, Starboard Communications, might do the odd bit of work for Barrett (who is on the client list), Green does not work for the campaign.

"I'm happy to make a personal comment about the statement, but he doesn't have a relationship with the campaign," said Dyke. "I have to believe that is something that he would like to take back. It doesn't sound like something that was funny or intelligent or useful. That's my personal opinion."

Late Update: Green has now apologized in a new set of Tweets:

First this:

Correcting misinformation. I am not a Barrett aide, I have never been employed by Barrett nor do I work for him now.

Then this:

I sincerely apologize for the comments I made on Twitter yesterday. I made a mistake.

And finally, this:

I realize that my comments were hurtful, wrong and have no place in civil discourse.