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Slew Of Ads Attack Bennet Over Spending (VIDEOS)


"What's unfair to Colorado is Bennet's record of overspending, over-regulating and overtaxing," Republican nominee Ken Buck says in his first ad of the general election:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee put up an ad with a similar tone. "Michael Bennet. More spending. High Taxes. Jobs lost," the narrator says:

Meanwhile, American Crossroads, the conservative PAC backed by Karl Rove, among others, has a spot hitting Bennet for his votes on the stimulus and health care reform. "You have wasted our money," the ad says:

Finally, the Club for Growth has released an ad in Colorado as part of a package of ads targeting key races. "Bennet voted for record spending and national debt," the ad argues. "How does any of that help Colorado?"

At the same time, Bennet has stood by his stimulus vote.

"I think passing the recovery package was an essential thing to do in order to save us from, you know, the Great Depression," he told reporters Thursday, according to The Hill. "And I think economists on both sides of the aisle say it was roughly responsible for three points of GDP."

"It's amazing if you look at the advertising that's being run against me," he said.

The TPM Poll Average shows Buck leading Bennet 46.6.-43.3.

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