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Significant New Progressive Ad Campaign Targets Republicans For Voting To End Medicare (VIDEO)


The five-figure buy will begin Tuesday and run through the end of the week. It's paired with a robocall campaign in 23 districts, which began last week, and will run through the week, pausing for Easter weekend -- 360,000 calls in total. The script for that robocall:

I'm calling from the Americans United for Change.

On April 15th, your Congressman _________voted to end Medicare and its guaranteed health care benefits. Instead, he wants to give seniors a voucher forcing them to go out and find coverage from private insurance companies.

The Non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates this proposal will increase senior's out of pocket costs by $6,000 each year - and Congressman ____ is using the savings to give corporations and millionaires another tax break.

Congressman ________even voted to slash Medicaid funds that pay nursing home care for seniors and the disabled.

Call Congressman __________________ at _______________. Tell him (her) that cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to pay for tax cuts for corporations and millionaires is just wrong. Tell him/her to keep his/her - hands off our Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Democratic-aligned groups are ratcheting up efforts to publicly confront GOP members in contested districts over their vote for the GOP budget nearly two weeks ago. You can view the ad targeting Ryan below.

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