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Sharron Angle Promises CNN She's 'Mainstream' (VIDEO)


Reid and the Democrats have been smacking Angle over her view that Social Security should be eliminated as well as her other fiscal views concerning the dangers of providing unemployment insurance to people who lose their jobs and the mistake that was sending government aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Then, of course, there's Angle's other objectively outside-the-mainstream views involving the potential for "Second Amendment remedies" if Reid wins reelection and her fear that "domestic enemies" may already be serving in Congress.

On that last point, Angle told CNN that openly suspecting that dangerous enemies of America have made their way into Congress by means of democratic elections isn't as extreme as it sounds:

"The larger focus of that conversation is what has happened domestically here and our country for the last 18 months," Angle said, pointing out that no names were mentioned during the conversation, and again avoiding the intent of her statement.

Watch the interview:

The TPM Poll Average shows Reid leading Angle 47.6-44.3.