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Sharron Angle Attacked For Alleged Scientology Ties


This comes after Sue Lowden, the establishment-backed candidate in the race, ran an ad that attacked Angle for having "pushed a bill favored by the Church of Scientology, using tax dollars to give massages to prisoners."

In fact, Angle never formally presented a bill, but she did try to gain support for a prison drug rehabilitation program that would involve prisoners quitting drugs cold turkey, with saunas and massages as part of treatment -- an idea promoted by the Church of Scientology. Angle also tried to organize a legislative trip to a jail in Mexico that uses this program, and the trip would have been paid for by an individual who is a Scientologist, according to the Sun.

Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy told the Sun that the attacks against Angle are "desperate," and that Angle is a Southern Baptist who has never advocated Scientology: "This is all about blowing this thing out of proportion -- making it sound like she's a Scientologist."