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Senate Dems To Force Another Vote On Jobs Plan


According to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former GOP congressman, the legislation would create hundreds of thousands of jobs at a cost of $75,000 per.

"We've had enough speeches what we need is some action," LaHood told reporters on a Friday conference call.

The lion's share of the $50 billion -- $27 billion -- would be devoted highway restoration and repair, but the bill would also provide billions of dollars for intercity rail, Amtrak, and airport development, according to a draft of the legislation.

Reid lashed out at Republicans who have vowed to unanimously block historically bipartisan initiatives like infrastructure spending in order to protect millionaires from modest new taxes.

"The Republicans in the Senate are the only group of people in America who feel this way," Reid said. "The Senate GOP has had a love affair for many years now with Grover Norquist."

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