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Sen. Blanche Lincoln Meeting With Obama


Speaking of senators who are keeping their options open, MoveOn has launched a new missive asking members to target Democrats who won't stand with the party to block a Republican filibuster.

In an email to 5 million members, MoveOn outlines a "nightmare scenario" where health care is stopped "because one Democratic senator joins Republicans to filibuster and block a vote."

"2009 becomes just another year when health care reform failed," MoveOn wrote.

They ask for members to pledge to chip in to help candidates who challenge any Democrat who won't vote for cloture in primaries.

"If the nightmare scenario happens, we'll encourage viable primary challengers to come forward, and if they do, make sure all of us who've pledged have a chance to support them," MoveOn wrote. "In other words, potential primary challengers will know there's a huge group of Americans who are ready to help. And conservative members of the Democratic Caucus will too."