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Second Source Comes Forward To Say Abusive Vitter Aide Worked On Women's Issues

Newscom / Bill Clark

It is unacceptable that Senator Vitter continues to make excuses and minimize what occurred. This is his chance to speak out against domestic violence and make certain that his actions match his words.

We call on Senator Vitter to acknowledge that he failed to act appropriately and show his strong support for life-saving legislation that serves survivors and holds perpetrators accountable.

Beth Meeks, executive director of the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, also confirmed to TPM that she worked directly with Furer on women's issues after the knife attack, but before he resigned two years later.

Nevertheless, Vitter has insisted multiple times that the first-hand testimonials and documentary evidence are wrong, and that Furer didn't work on "women's affairs" per se, but rather on abortion.

We'll try to get you further details from NNEDV.

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