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Scott Walker: I'm Not A Union-Buster... But I Really Dislike Unions (VIDEO)


But at other parts in the ABC interview, Walker makes clear just how low his opinion of organized labor is. An even better summation of those feelings comes in a seven-minute web interview Walker did with the Heritage Foundation, where (at best) distrust of unions is coin of the realm.

"I saw it first hand as a county official," Walker -- the former elected County Executive in Milwaukee County, Wisc. -- told Heritage. "Every time I tried to do things like ask for a little bit more from pension or a little bit more from health care contributions and at one point in years past even tried to do a 35-hour work week as a way to avoid layoffs.

"The union leadership basically said, 'forget it -- go lay 500-600 people off, we don't care,'" Walker continued. "I mean, that's where their mindset is. That's because they know the power of collective bargaining forces local governments not to be able to make the sort of reasonable decisions to protect jobs."

Watch Walker talk about not being a union buster with Stephanopoulos:

Then watch him talk about how terrible unions can be with Heritage: