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Schumer: Mainstream Republicans Planning Resurgence If Obama Wins


At a press conference with other Senate Democratic leaders, Schumer said the ostensible Republican strategy of winning the 2012 elections by thwarting President Obama "doesn't look so hot now" and "is backfiring on them." He predicted Romney's "flailing campaign" will help "break the fever" of GOP obstruction.

"I think that we're seeing -- we have two groups of Republicans in the House and Senate. There are no moderates left. God bless Susan Collins. But half of them are hard-right tea party types and half of them are what I call mainstream conservatives," he said. "And if the Democrats -- if the president wins and we keep the Senate, those mainstream conservatives are going to be strengthened. And they're going to want to reach out and work with us because the embrace of the tea party that Mitt Romney has done -- that is, in my view dragging down all of their candidates -- will have failed. And it will strengthen those in the Republican Party who would like to work with us and weaken those in the Republican Party who have said compromise is a dirty word."

The No. 3 Democratic senator was more bullish than ever on Obama's odds of winning reelection and his party's chances of retaining the Senate majority.

"This is not where Republicans thought they'd be with 50 days left before election," he said. "So everything is moving in a direction of us coming together because the obstructionist tea party is losing out."