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Sarah Palin Calls Joe Miller A Lost Cause, Quotes Scopes Monkey Trial Attorney

Newscom / Greg Nash

Taking notice, Miller responded with a famous quote of his own. Like any journalist-arresting tea partier, Miller quoted Revolutionary War soldier John Paul Jones. "I have not yet begun to fight."

After a barrage of scandals, Miller has taken a dive in the polls in the Alaska Senate race. The TPM Poll Average gives incumbent Lisa Murkowski (who's running as an independent write-in candidate after losing the GOP primary) a 40.4-29.5.-23.1 lead in a three-way race between herself, Miller, and Democrat Scott McAdams.

However, conservatives are fighting dirty on Miller's behalf, and at the last minute dumped scores of names on to the write-in ballot in the hopes of bamboozling voters intending to back Murkowski.