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Sandra Fluke Is Relevant, Say Anti-Health Reform Tea Partiers


Others were more direct. One protester carried a sign that said, "Sandra Fluke I don't want to pay for your birth control," which drew criticism from the pro-reform crowd. "Do you agree with what Rush Limbaugh said?" A pro-reform demonstrator yelled into a small group of tea partiers gathered around the sign.

"Do *you* hold the liberal media to the same standard?" A tea partier shot back. A short, heated argument ensued.

Seattle Tea Party Patriot Kelli Carrender told me Fluke is a natural part of the debate as the HCR battle moves to the Court.

"She made herself relevant," Carrender said. "She's asking for free birth control."

Carrender said Fluke has activated forces on the right also. "Whoever pays has the power to decide," she said. "I surely do not want anyone paying for my birth control so I have the power over what I do with my body."

Carrender said that Fluke will continue to get shout-outs from the right, despite the controversy following Limbaugh's attacks. "She said she might be running for office, didn't she?" Carrender said. "So we'll see."