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Russell Pearce Blames Aurora Victims, Then Blames Gun Control, For Massacre


Read Pearce's full post below:

After the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix New Times reported his remarks, Pearce wrote a follow-up post claiming the Arizona Republic of "mischaracteriz[ing]" him.

"All I did was lament that so many people should be left disarmed and vulnerable by anti-gun rules that try to create a sense of safety by posting a sign that says 'No Guns', when the only real effect is to disarm everyone who could have saved lives," he wrote.

Pearce's full follow-up post:

The lawmaker's gripe echoes a sentiment commonly expressed by the National Rifle Association and pro-gun conservatives, which is that more lenient firearm laws will reduce gun violence. There's little evidence to support the view.

Late Update: As of Sunday evening, Pearce's two Facebook posts reported in this article have been deleted from his page.