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Rumsfeld: Still No Apologies For Iraq


"It is not well- documented, I don't recall (Paul) Bremer ever suggesting that until he was leaving office and he raised the question," said Rumsfeld. "And we sent it to the joint chiefs and the chairmen and the commanders, and they said 'no', that's the right number."

When further pressed by Stephanopoulos, mentioning that Bob Woodward documented Bremer's comments in his book State of Denial, Rumsfeld replied, "Bob Woodward wasn't there."

Asked again if he was wrong to believe in Saddam Hussein harboring weapons of mass destruction and choosing to invade Iraq, Rumsfeld pivoted to discuss the effects of going to war.

"Millions of people in that country have been liberated, that have a chance to live under a freer system," said Rumsfeld. "And thanks to the men and women in uniform and to the united states and the coalition countries."

Rumsfield also responded to John McCain's latest harsh assessment of him in which the Arizona Senator stated last week on CNN, "Fortunately after the election of 2006 the president decided to replace him".

"McCain and I are not a good fit."

Watch the video below:

Rumsfeld's appearance on GMA comes a day after slamming Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer while refusing to take the sole blame for any of his decisions.