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Rumsfeld: 'Heartbreaking Thing' That We Couldn't Persuade People Gitmo Was 'First Class' (VIDEO)


On the other hand, earlier in the interview, Rumsfeld did take heart in the fact that Gitmo is still there, despite the fact that both President Obama and his Republican opponent John McCain had spoken out against it during the 2008 election.

"During the campaign, he and his opponent both were quite critical of the Bush administration. And president, now president but candidate Obama was critical of Guantanamo," said Rumsfeld. "He was critical of indefinite detention for unlawful combatants. He was critical of military commissions.

"And here we are two plus years later, and all of those things are there -- not because anyone wants him to be there, but because they were the best solutions. And the structure that President Bush and his administration put in place, it seems to me, is today accepted as a good structure, as things that were needed. Not things that we wanted but given the nature of terrorism in the world, things that were needed."