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Rove-Backed Group Attacks Hodes For 'Fiscal Conservative' Claim (VIDEO)

Newscom / Bill Clark

"No wonder The Union Leader says the guy just can't tell the truth," the ad says, referring to New Hampshire's conservative-leaning paper.

The TPM Poll Average gives Hodes' Republican opponent Kelly Ayotte a lead of 48.7%-41.0%.

Watch the ad:

Late Update: The Hodes campaign released a statement responding to the ad:

Karl Rove and his Washington Republican friends are distorting the truth about Paul Hodes in an effort to bail out Kelly Ayotte's campaign. Paul has been working to reduce our deficit by opposing the Wall Street bailout, fighting to end earmarks, and pushing for federal spending limits. Kelly Ayotte is simply fighting for more tax cuts for the rich that will increase our deficit by $700 billion. The D.C. special interest groups are throwing everything they have at Paul Hodes because they know he has the momentum in this race and that he'll stand up to them in the U.S. Senate.