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Romney Endorses O'Donnell In DE-SEN


"Now is the time for Republicans to rally behind their nominee, Christine O'Donnell. She ran an impressive campaign. I believe it is important we support her so we can win back the U.S. Senate this fall," Romney said in a statement released through his Free & Strong America PAC. The PAC is sending her a $5,000 contribution.

O'Donnell's win has been met with ambivalence from the party establishment. NRSC chairman Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) announced today that the committee is sending her $42,000, after much talk last night that it would give up on the race. Meanwhile, conservatives have been pummeling Karl Rove for saying that the general election in Delaware "is not a race we're going to be able to win."

The latest PPP poll shows Democrat Chris Coons leading O'Donnell 50-34.

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