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Republicans To Put Entitlements On The Chopping Block

Newscom / Rafael Suanes

"Anybody who knows anything about me knows that we need to tackle entitlements or they're going to tackle us," he told reporters yesterday.

So what about the Senate?

Ryan's Republican counterpart in the upper chamber, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), hasn't been as aggressive. At a press conference yesterday, he praised Ryan repeatedly for proposing bold steps to cut entitlement spending. I asked him if he supported Ryan's Roadmap for America's Future in particular.

"I think his plan can work and would work, and so it's far better than where we are today," Sessions said. "I believe we could achieve greater discretionary spending reductions today than even his plan calls for, and I intend to give personal attention to how we work to put our great Medicare, Social Security programs on a sound footing."

So we're nearing unanimity among top Republicans on this point, which suggests there will be a fight over entitlements as soon as this spring.

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