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Republicans, K Street Plot Tax Cuts And Deregulation For 2011 (VIDEO)


"Whether it's OSHA, EPA, Wage and Hour," Danner said, "they see all those as new costs and new hindrances to them as a business owner."

Marlene Colucci of the American Hotel and Lodging Association complained that "auditors can come in, look at your workplace, and if they find, let's say, an OSHA violation, then they can go and find what other violations might exist."

Yes, law enforcement officers investigating companies' legal violations were part of the complaints lobbyists brought to the GOP.

"It's almost, like, you know, the police are in front of the building that's being looted but they're worried about expired meters, and giving parking tickets, while we're being looted," Colucci said to a receptive Boehner.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association advocated for a lower corporate tax rate, while warning against replacing it with a value-added tax.

Last week, Republicans were caught with their pants down when news of today's meeting was first reported. Democrats howled and pressed Republicans to let cameras into the room. Republicans agreed. That undoubtedly added to the scripted nature of the event. But the attendees weren't shy about their prescriptions, and the hosts were happy to continue soliciting them.

"We'll continue to stay in touch with all of you," Boehner said.

You can watch the entire roundtable discussion below.

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