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Republicans Don't Like SEIU And ACORN, But There's More To The Story


President Obama has made several moves since taking office to make it easier for unions to operate, though the looming Employee Free Choice Act battle is far from over.

An RGA spokesman pushed back when asked about the SEIU donations to the group, noting the DGA surely has received exponentially more. (They have.)

An SEIU source said roughly 30 percent of the group's members are Republicans - with that figure being higher in super-red states like Wyoming and lower in other parts of the country. The union prides itself on Republican outreach.

Democrats also have been happy to point out that Republicans now carping about ACORN voted during the Bush administration to approve budgets funding Housing and Urban Development. And HUD turned around and gave money to ACORN for housing projects.

In all, ACORN received more than $27 million in federal funding during the Bush administration through the HUD budget. The Republicans voting for those HUD appropriations: Boehner (R-OH), Cantor and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

Seems a bit of a stretch, but certainly could be used in an attack ad suggesting the Republican in question "voted to fund ACORN."

A House Republican aide laughed off that suggestion, saying it's pretty weak since the allegations about ACORN mismanagement and fraud only surfaced in recent years. Not to mention if they voted down the HUD budget, the attack ads would play it as voting against housing for poor people.

Late update: A Democratic source poked the RGA, sending over this list of other donations made to the group by unions.

United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America (as Working for Working Americans)
$100,000, 4/29/2009

Building & Construction Trades Department (as Coalition to Defend the American Dream)
$25,000, 3/30/2007

IUPAT (Painters)
$25,000, 08/08/2008
$15,000, 10/05/2007
$15,000, 10/05/2007

International Assn of Fire Fighters
$25,000.00, 01/18/2008
$25,000.00, 01/08/2008

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education
$10,000, 08/22/2008
$25,000, 03/05/2008

National Education Association
$15,000, 06/21/2007
$450, 10/13/2008