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Republican Senate Candidate Attacks Opponent For Supporting Cap-And-Trade Plan HE Helped Write


He cosponsored the legislation calling for the creation of a cap-and-trade regime in Florida. And when it passed the Florida House, his office issued a press release on behalf of the bill's sponsor praising the initiative

"Responsibly addressing global climate change and anticipated national cap-and-trade legislation, while continuing to focus on energy diversity, reliability and affordability, the bill will place Florida's energy sector and economy in
a position to best protect the interests of Florida's citizens," the release read.

A spokesman for Hasner points out that the Florida cap-and-trade bill prevented Crist from implementing a stricter pollution reduction regime by Executive Order. And he notes that Hasner's office issued press releases for all Republican members as a courtesy.

Crist signed the bill in 2008. But the law was never fully implemented, and now state Republicans hope to repeal the entire initiative.

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