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Republican Aide Cautions Use of AHIP Report: Check Your Donations First


House Republicans have emerged as a united group since President Obama took office, giving up nearly zero votes on key administration measures all year. That's unlikely to change, even though Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week met with the conservative House Republican Study Committee.

RSC Chairman Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) told TPMDC they had a "candidate and robust" talk with the secretary and 40 members. Sebelius didn't try to sell the plan since she knew she was facing staunch critics. Instead she opened it up to questions right away, he said.

"If the bill doesn't change significantly I would not anticipate any yes votes from our committee," he said.

One discussion point was a complaint the administration has held up Tennessee's health care system as a model, since the committee believes that failed "miserably," he said.

Price said Sebelius told the Republicans she would evaluate and consider their ideas.

A Sebelius spokesman said it was a "productive" talk, adding, "We are always open to good ideas that will help provide stability and security for Americans with insurance and affordable options for uninsured Americans. The President's plan contains good proposals from both parties and the bill he signs will be built on bipartisan ideas."