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Report: DLC Could Close Down


I sought comment from Simon Rosenberg, who was previously the DLC's political director from 1993-1996, and now heads up the New Democrat Network think tank. Rosenberg said he was not in a position of knowledge to confirm or deny the rumors of the DLC's demise, but he did have some perspective on it as a man who had broken with them over such issues as the approach to engaging the blogosphere.

"Look, the DLC has been arguably the most impactful think tank in American politics in the last 25 years," said Rosenberg. "However, it struggled to stay on top of big changes happening in the U.S., and it fell behind in recent years."

Rosenberg was also quick to insist that this was not the end of centrist Democratic politics, and also pointed to groups such as his New Democrat Network, Third Way, and others as examples of groups that formed in the model of the DLC -- and others that organized against it. "It was one of the first really major big pieces of the modern infrastructure in the progressive movement," said Rosenberg. "And I think it helped spawn a lot of other institutions - both copycats, and in angry reaction to it."