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Rep. Issa Prefers Social Security Cuts To Bush '05 Approach (VIDEO)

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

"It's a much better approach than what President Bush did a number of years ago which was to talk about a change, as though a change was the answer rather than an actuarial reality that not enough money goes in for the amount going out," Issa said.

Watch the interview:

He also said that it's Minority Leader John Boehner's job to get consensus on how the GOP should present its ideas, but said it's also important to consider ideas such as Ryan's coming from individual members.

We also asked about the Draft Cheney movement and Issa offered a one-liner.

"Well he's young, he's rested, and if he puts his guns away and goes to work, I'll vote for him," Issa quipped.