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Reid Re-Reposts Angle's Old Website -- Even After Threat Of Lawsuit


The Reid campaign did initially take down the site, seemingly obeying the cease-and-desist, and rerouted users to one of their other anti-Angle sites. But now they're put it right back up, simply removing the sign-up fields, some formatting and other identifying marks. From the Reid campaign's press release:

Out of an abundance of caution, the Reid campaign decided to temporarily remove the website in question while we investigated their allegations. Well, the phony legal threats and the feigned indignation are over - and we're not going to let Sharron Angle retroactively censor Sharron Angle. The original website, including Angle in her own words on her dangerous and extreme agenda, has been re-launched at:

Just to be clear to Sharron Angle and her handlers, it's called free speech and it's nearly absolute under the First Amendment. (We know, these "big Constitutional issues" are tough for you - like when you said separation of Church & State was "unconstitutional" exactly one week ago.)

"The question is: what will Sharron Angle do now to hide her extreme views on killing Social Security and eliminating the Department of Education from Nevada voters? Perhaps she's checking to see if there are any Second Amendment remedies," said Jon Summers, spokesman for the Reid campaign.

Here's a screen grab of the site: