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Reid: Lieberman Is The Least Of My Problems

Newscom / Bill Clark

Reid went on, "Some of you will recall one reason that we were able to solve the problem with the nuclear option is that I called Joe Lieberman to my office, and said Joe I want you to join the enemy and get us out of this deal."

The response comes only an hour or so after Lieberman told reporters that though he's inclined not to stand in the way of a floor debate on health care, he'd exercise his right as a senator to filibuster it if he didn't approve of the final package--and he says the public option in the Senate bill is a bridge to far for him at the moment.

"We'll get it on the floor, we'll have an amendment process, and that's what we do," Reid said. "We haven't been doing a lot of it because we've had 81 objections so far this year by the Republicans."

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