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Rasmussen Poll: Tancredo Gains Ground -- But Hickenlooper Still Leads Big In CO-GOV


In the three-way contest, the poll found Hickenlooper (46%) ahead, and up ten points from Rasmussen's last survey, on August 31, when he polled at 36%. Meanwhile, Tancredo (25%) has pulled ahead of Maes (21%) for the first time since he entered the race as a third-party candidate in July. In the last Rasmussen poll, Tancredo had polled at 14%.

Support for Maes is down from 24% in the last Rasmussen poll, and from 31% in a Rasmussen poll on August 11, the day after he won the primary.

Only 5% of likely voters hold a "very favorable" opinion of Maes, who's campaign has been plagued by mishaps and scandals, and who has had endorsements withdrawn from high profile Republicans, and even some Tea Partiers (who made up his initial base of support).

The number of likely voters who said they were "not sure" who they'd vote for fell sharply from the August 31 poll, from 20% to 6%.

The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Hickenlooper (46.2%) leading Maes (22.1%) and Tancredo (21.0%).

Check out the trend lines:

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