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Rand Paul Suggests Economic Decline Could Lead To A New Hitler


So, there you have it. There's no actual Hitler on scene at the moment as far as Paul knows but one just might be waiting in the wings if we're not careful with our liberty or whatever. Here's how Zengerle breaks down the comment:

It's an incredible performance, one that begins with a gentle distancing from a loony analogy before reframing the analogy to make it seem less loony, then introducing a new analogy that isn't just loony, it's repugnant, but that also, as the analogy gets fleshed out in greater detail, begins to reveal itself as conforming to a certain logic that might be worthy of debate--all before ending on a bipartisan, pox-on-both-their-houses note that makes it clear that no, he was not comparing Obama to Hitler.

It should be noted that Paul's fear-mongering about Hitler is nothing new to the tea party movement upon which his political successes have relied. Tea partiers have long compared Obama and the Democrats to the man who led Nazi Germany.

So Paul wasn't really rocking the boat when he said what he said -- but for a man who Zengerle notes is still "figuring out how to cozy up to the GOP establishment without alienating his rabid base," the Hitler is coming comment may strike some of Paul's more mainstream supporters as odd.

The TPM Poll Average shows Paul leading Democratic nominee Jack Conway 47.2-41.5.