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Rand Paul Denies Kidnapping, Says He Can't Remember The Rest (VIDEO)


"I think they deserve a lawsuit," he said of GQ. "The problem is that in our country, they make it almost impossible for politicians to win anything."

Paul suggested that it's at times like these that he wishes America were still under the boot of Her Majesty.

"In England it's easier to win a libel suit," he complained. Despite the limitations placed on libel law by America's written Constitution, Paul said his campaign hasn't "ruled out the possibility" of taking GQ to court.

Paul said the idea that he would kidnap anyone is "ridiculous" and he "absolutely" denied that he ever did. He took a few potshots at the anonymous accuser -- who GQ said didn't want to be named "because of her current job as a clinical psychologist" -- but Paul saved his harshest words for the media which he said made a mountain out of a molehill with the story.

"We used to have journalistic ethics in our country that you wouldn't report something from one anonymous source, particularly accusing someone of something like that," Paul said. "It's so ridiculous that i don't know where to start."