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Put Up Or Shut Up: Dems Press Boehner To Get Serious About Making BP Pay


As the letter notes, Republicans quietly favor a different approach--a bill sponsored by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) that seeks to renegotiate BP's lease on the drilling site, without lifting the overall cap on damages. However Democrats and experts say that approach--potentially unconstitutional--creates a loophole that would allow BP to walk away from the damages.

"We would like to know whether you will lead your caucus in supporting the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act in its current your leadership would be helpful in moving this legislation," the letter goes on. "[W]e would like to know why you have withheld your public support for these initiatives so far."

I've reached out to Boehner's staff for comment on Holt and Inslee's push, or to see if he plans to respond. You can read the entire letter here.

Late update: Boehner spokesman Michael Steel emails over a response. "Boehner's position has been crystal clear from Day One: BP is entirely responsible for the cost of the clean-up in the Gulf. Taxpayers should not pay one dime. This letter is an example of cynical Democrats attempting to exploit one mistaken liberal blog post for partisan gain."

He adds that he's not aware of any current effort by the GOP to push their own plan to lift the cap on BP's liability.

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